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Another popular ingredient

Another popular ingredient is almond oil, highly nourishing and restorative. This classic nursing that will save even the most desiccated bandwidth. It contains a high concentration of oleic and linoleic acids, and in addition to moisturizing vitamin E, phytosterols and lecithin – the main components of cell membranes. You can find him in masks and conditioners for very damaged hair.

The next on the list are phospholipids – an essential component of cell membranes, natural emulgulator. As you can see unfamiliar-sounding name does not necessarily mean something less natural and proven.

components of hair care products and their features together with examples of products in which we find them.



Brain Training Games Shield You From Getting Disoriented and

There are several ways to reduce stress and relax. But neurobiologically they seem to resemble each other strongly. Whether sports or meditation – both approaches probably activate the same mechanism: the autoregulation of the body.

External stress stimuli put the body in a state of alarm. Blood flow, heart rate and breathing rate increases. The muscles are optimally supplied with oxygen and energy to respond to the threat with fight or flight can. This reaction is controlled by hormones, most of which are produced in the adrenal cortex: epinephrine and norepinephrine, as well as so-called glucocorticoids – among them especially cortisol.

Step 1: Liposomal Fer

Step 1: Liposomal Ferulac cream Antioxidant ferulac acid + florentyna + vitamins C, E and A;
Step 2: Liposomal Ferulac HA Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream (VLMW and HMV)
Fillderma ONE
Fillderma nano
Krótki opis
Podwójne działanie: natychmiastowe i długotrwałe wypełnienie zmarszczek. Substancje aktywne zamknięte w nanosomach, są przenoszone w głębsze warstwy skóry i tam uwalniane, dzięki czemu zwiększa się ich działanie na skórę. Wypełnia i zmniejsza zmarszczki. Nawilża i wygładza skórę. Regeneruje i odbudowuje skórę oraz ujędrnia ją i nadaje elastyczności.
Ferulac Liposomal Serum

Sweet Kasia: Exactly 5 months

Sweet Kasia: Exactly 5 months ago I took a botox forehead, vertical, horizontal and lion. The fact that wrinkles at the beginning were barely visible, but returned. How much does the effect of Botox, and how much acid?

In both cases the effects are immediate, but the action of botulinum toxin is not permanent. Treatments must be regularly repeated, because the skin returns to its previous state. Effects persist for 3 to 6 months. The treatment with acid is maintained at from 6 to 15 months, and each successive treatment will give better and more stable results. After the treatments should help the regeneration of the skin and increase the maintenance of the effects of using regenerative preparations and camouflage, eg. From the company’s offer Teosyal.

Physical filters leave the skin soft and white

Physical filters leave the skin soft and white film, but thanks to new technologies, the production of these molecules are becoming smaller and Filters less visible on the skin. They protect against UVB and UVA little. They do not cause allergic reactions. They are photostable, however, due to the fact that they are easily abraded, their application during sun exposure need to be repeated.
Chemical filters (organic)
Chemical filters penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis, absorbs UV radiation and convert it into heat energy. Act strongly to the skin, weight it can dry out and irritate, but do not stain the skin such as filters minerals and have a much lighter texture.

Soap beautifully presented

Soap beautifully presented, dries quickly, and because of the divine, oriental fragrance, “doing” a perfume for interiors enviable :) Its scent makes washing is not just an ordinary activity, but delightful, relaxing, stimulating sensations surgery.

Soap Aleppo – Hammam

Aleppo soap love, and that of Najel is simply fantastic in every way! The composition, function, appearance, which consists of miraculous, the geometric oils fit the pattern and forming a kind of decoration of bathrooms and raw string – adds character and is a pure comfort, because it is easier to hold during use, and after him – you can hang.

skin I love Oils

Allergic and hypersensitive skin. I would recommend!Oil and care of oily skin prone to acne – how to use them to myself no harm Alerts on natural oils on my blog is that not measure, I will not hide that I really like to write about it and share with you my knowledge and experience. Despite the problematic skin, I love oils.

The key to success is to observe their skin and the best recording of each reaction of the skin, after that, in a very quick way to find such a group of oils that will serve us. The hardest choice posiadaczki obviously have acne or oily / mixed predestining to acne. How, then choose oils that did not harm us? The ratio of fatty acids should be balanced.

I act a little differently than in the manual

I act a little differently than in the manual – with me in the mill once they land all the ingredients “white” that mix, including mill for a second every now and then (such buzz …. Pause … buzz;]). Regarding grating – worth putting such. Cling film under the cover of the mill, so that the components will not adhere to the cover – we do not want 😉is worth at least 2 times a stirring look at the ingredients, tap mill that fell from the walls, mix disinfected glass rod, if we see that some nuggets has not yet zmieliły. After this stage, we get a uniform, white-gray powder, without any white dots.

Then odsypuję part of such a powder (approx. 2 ml) – handy for later, if need be by chance brighten up the foundation. If not, keep him “on reserve” once might be useful.